Thursday, May 19, 2016

Denver and Chicago – Many Differences in Direction of City and Crime Issues

A new poll of Chicago residents shows a very dissatisfied public, and crime is the main concern. The poll, conducted by the New York Times and the Kaiser Family Foundation, has a number of data points that can be compared to a recent Ciruli Associates poll of Denver residents, which also reported on a public’s view of their community’s direction and major problems.

  • Chicago and Denver residents have very different views of the direction of their respective cities. Three-quarters of Chicago residents believe their city is on the wrong track. In contrast, more than half of Denver residents (58%) believe their city is moving in the right direction.
  • When asked what the community’s major problem is, Chicagoans said crime, violence and gangs, with 52 percent citing it. Education and schools was second with 8 percent. In Denver, crime is the fourth highest problem listed (12%). Affordable housing is cited as the most serious problem (27%).

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