Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chicago and Pueblo: Crime Grips the Cities

In the 1930s, Pueblo was known as “Little Chicago.” It was a workingman’s town, it was full of ethnic families and it had a bootlegging industry. Pueblo was also a waystation for some Chicago organized crime elements going to Las Vegas, Los Angeles or Phoenix.

Today, Pueblo unfortunately rejoins Chicago in its high level of crime. Pueblo was recently cited in the Denver Post as a “murder capital” and a story in the New York Times described it as deeply entrenched in gang activities spanning family generations. The public in both cities are gripped by concern about crime.

Chicago also has seen a record murder rate and the recent police shootings have cast a negative national spotlight on the city. In a new poll from Chicago on police and other community issues conducted by the New York Times and Kaiser Family Foundation, 75 percent of residents believe the city is on the wrong track and 52 percent believe crime, violence and gangs are the top problems.

A recent Ciruli Associates poll of Pueblo residents showed 54 percent believe the city is on the wrong track and crime, gangs and drugs are the main problems in the opinion of most residents (61%).

Once again, Chicago and Pueblo are struggling with a surge of crime that is shaking up the politics of the cities.

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