Wednesday, April 15, 2015

KOA Radio: Hillary Clinton is in the Race

April Zesbaugh and Steffan Tubbs on Monday morning at 6:41 am, the early drive time for Colorado's most powerful radio station, 850-KOA, launched their discussion with me on Hillary Clinton and her prospects for winning the 2016 presidency.
Steffan Tubbs & April Zesbaugh

I started with KOA with Election Night coverage in 1982, with a legendary voice of the Denver Bronco’s Bob Martin, who could read election results as expertly as football statistics.

Sports has always ruled Denver radio, but in the decade starting in the late 1980s, KOA, 9KUSA and the Rocky Mountain News used Ciruli Associate polls in joint programming of political coverage. Today, in spite of Colorado’s swing state status, political coverage is still not as important as sports and regular news, but political advertisings has made Denver’s media a valuable property. And consequently, elections have moved up on most stations’ programming.

Our most newsworthy item Monday morning was that Clinton’s handlers expect to raise and spend $1.5 to $2 billion dollars, double the 2012 Romney vs. Obama budget per candidate. A big number, and one reason why Colorado media is valuable.

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