Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not Another Recall

Recalls are now in the repertoire of issue activists as a method to punish legislators in swing districts who vote “wrong” on high-profile controversial legislation (Huffington Post).

The third recall effort since the end of the 2013 legislative session targets Westminster Democrat Evie Hudak. Her narrow 2012 re-election highlights her vulnerability to gun rights activists. If this recall is successful, the Democrats would lose their majority and Republicans would “get control in the middle of the session” (KFGO).

Republican Party leaders have already distanced themselves from the effort, knowing that the public and opinion leaders are firmly against the endless elections and use of the recall for political and policy objectives. They believe another four- or five- month recall effort will be a distraction to their effort to develop candidates and issues for the 2014 election (9 KUSA).

However, the activists are unlikely to be deterred. They are anti-establishment and not interested in the views of either political party. The successful recalls in Colorado Springs and Pueblo were mostly locally driven and inspired. The results sent a message.

As the Huffington Post reported:
“Conservatives are learning how to use social media. Both Pueblo and El Paso counties’ gun-rights activists initiated and organized online. Also, while recalls are expensive and difficult to mount, expect more in this highly polarized environment and Internet age,” said pollster and political analyst Floyd Ciruli in an editorial published on The Denver Post before Hudak’s second recall effort was announced.
But in Senate District 19, recallers have a major challenge in getting nearly 20,000 valid signatures, about twice what was necessary in the September recall elections.

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