Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Limits on Term Limits

Term limits, which swept the country as a popular political movement in the early 1990s (Colorado was the second state approving it in 1990), has been under assault ever since with efforts to abolish, or more commonly extend the limits (typically two terms) or exempt certain political jobs.

The concept has had considerable political resilience, given the hostility from the political class and much of the more liberal media.

The latest Colorado effort by district attorneys to expand their terms from two to three years is likely to be successful. District attorneys are generally seen as more professional and less partisan. Also, the DAs making the requests in Mesa, Jefferson and Boulder counties are popular and without major controversies. Another factor is local political ideology and the circumstances surrounding other county political officeholders (such as controversial county commissioners) that could have an influence. Boulder is most liberal and Mesa most conservative. But, all three extensions could pass. (See State Bill Colorado)

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