Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Democratic Tide Running Out?

Just as the Democrats are celebrating their victories, extolling their model of success and declaring the western political landscape blue, the party may be over.

After five years of incredible political success, Colorado Democrats appear in trouble. Governor Bill Ritter has attracted strong Republican opponents for 2010. He is mired in approval ratings below 50 percent and unhappy core constituencies. His fundraising languishes.

Newly appointed Michael Bennet is in top fundraising form, but he has established little identity, except to avoid more issues than he confronts. Although vulnerable, he still has no powerful opponents.

Newly elected Congresswoman Betsy Markey holds a Republican-leaning district and has attracted a multitude of opponents, including a popular local state representative.

With President Obama’s popularity declining, health care mired in noisy dissent and the economy stalled, Colorado Democrats are nervous. (See Denver Post article)

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