Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Health Care Reform Can be Won or Lost During August Recess

Gallup’s latest poll shows Americans divided into three near equal camps on health care reform. A third (35%) would encourage their congressional representative to vote for it, another third (36%) would encourage them to vote against it and nearly a third (29%) had no opinion.

Partisanship and public’s low opinion of Congress are important factors in the lack of support for the reform bill at the beginning of the August recess and public hearing process. Partisanship is a major factor with 66 percent of Republicans in opposition and 59 percent of Democrats in favor.

The 29 percent of Americans that have no opinion will help decide the issue. Both sides of the debate are trying mightily to influence public opinion. Changes of fascist tactics and viewpoints now emanate from both camps as Democrats try to position opponents as raging extremists and Republicans are shouting suppression of rights and forced euthanasia for the sick and elderly.

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