Thursday, April 4, 2024

KHOW Talk – Colorado Pollster: If Election Today, Biden Would Lose

Talk Radio 630 KHOW

In an interview on KHOW radio (630), longtime Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli told host Ryan Schuiling that if the Presidential election was held today, President Joe Biden would most likely lose to Donald Trump, both in the popular vote and the electoral college.

The big highlights in a wide-ranging talk were:

  • Biden has tightened the popular vote since January but is still losing the RealClearPolitics average by one percent.
  • He’s losing even more when third parties’ candidates are considered and he’s not winning most of the battleground states with the most reliable polls available.
  • Neither candidate appears to be reaching out to swing voters. Biden hasn’t taken on one of his biggest weaknesses, immigration and the border, but Trump continues to play to his base and ignore Nikki Haley and suburban voters.
  • Although Robert Kennedy Jr. lacks a consistent message, he is trying to gather the disaffiliated voters from a base of old blue-collar voters who liked his dad and the family, and a long-established anti-vaccine constituency. He is now trying to add isolationists with criticism of Ukraine, NATO to a variety of anti-government, anti-corporate themes. At least some of these issues will compete with Trump’s messages just as his Kennedy background attracts some Democrats.

One Point Presidential Race April 4, 2024

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