Friday, September 9, 2022

Why Was Priola Changing Parties a National Story – Koa Interview

August 24, 2022

State Senator Kevin Priola switching from the Republican to Democratic Party was in the Washington Post and covered nationally. Pollster and political analyst Floyd Ciruli suggests the story fit the major theme of national politics at the moment. The Republican Party, which was expected to win a landslide victory in November, has been losing momentum the last couple of weeks, noticeably in terms of news coverage, polling, special elections, and the assessment of political professionals. Even Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, expressed concern that they might not win the Senate due to candidate quality.

Priola, a moderate Republican, after more than a decade in the legislature declared election deniers should not be in power. He said, “We need Democrats in charge.” He also cited the refusal to address climate change as a primary reason to switch parties.

Colorado has been a difficult state for Republicans since the middle of the last decade and they were hopeful they would benefit this year from a national wave of support. Priola’s party change was an indication that Republicans were still struggling with the election denial controversy. 

Listen: Political analyst Floyd Ciruli on State Senator Priola switching parties

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