Monday, September 12, 2022

Colorado Candidates Call for Water Solutions

Colorado Water Congress hears from Sen. John Hickenlooper at its summer convention in Steamboat Springs. Aug. 24, 2022
Fresh Water News/Courtesy photo

Jerd Smith, reporter for Fresh Water News, wrote the Colorado Water Congress summer convention (8-23-22) of the state’s water leaders heard from the top candidates for governor and U.S. Senate offer specific water solutions to the drought conditions and stress on Colorado’s water supply.

She quoted me saying, “Political pollster Floyd Ciruli said that so many candidates spoke at the water conference was an indicator of the national attention that Western water shortages are generating, and he gave the politicos credit for providing on-point suggestions for what could be done.”

“All four of these candidates were ready for today, Ciruli said. “All of them talked about water.”

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Anonymous said...

Dear to your heart. The only way out is recycling/reuse, and that is going to require a tremendous amount of energy. It is also going to be politically delicate.