Monday, June 10, 2019

In Public-Funding-for-Local News Debate, What About the SCFD Model?

In a newsletter by Corey Hutchins, Colorado Local News & Media, Hutchins wrote:

Following last week's news in this newsletter that Longmont voters won't be asked to consider new taxes for a library district with a potential local news component, political analyst and pollster Floyd Ciruli reached out with a similar idea to consider.

"One possible model to examine is the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), which provides money for major and smaller cultural organizations with no influence on their selection of programs, exhibits or their missions in general," he said. "But the Board still provides transparency and accountability over the tax dollars." The benefit over a library district," he said, is that the SCFD model can use a sales tax, "and the operational rules and board composition can be designed as appropriate."

Ciruli, who helped start SCFD decades ago when major institutions in Colorado were in financial trouble, says he believes looking at them as an idea for potentially helping fund local news sources should be examined. “It’s the kind of thing that ought to be polled,” he said.

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