Thursday, April 12, 2018

KOA: Walker Stapleton Drops Petitions and Goes to Convention – April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz

Walker Stapleton, three days from the Republican State Convention, gives up the spot on the ballot he won with petitions for a struggle with Cynthia Coffman and a half dozen other candidates to win 30 percent of the 4,200 delegates showing up at the Saturday Boulder event.

Stapleton, who has been the frontrunner as indicated in voter polls and straw polls at caucuses and county assemblies, is now at risk not making the ballot. But even more threatened is Cynthia Coffman, whose weak statewide campaign has failed to demonstrate much traction since the February caucus. She felt against a weak field at the convention, 30 percent was easily doable. Stapleton’s entry into the field is an existential threat to her ballot position.

Stapleton now dominates the narrative going into the convention. His gamble may secure him top position on the ballot and reinforce his frontrunner status with the rank and file of the party or it may stop his momentum just as the run to the June 26 primary begins.

KOA: Walker Stapleton talks ballot strategy

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