Monday, December 4, 2017

November 7 Election: Democrats Nearly Equal Republicans

Out of 3.2 million ballots mailed in the November 7 off-year election, more than a third of Coloradans (38%), or 1.2 million, returned them.
  • Democrats nearly equaled Republicans, and both beat unaffiliated voters. (There are 10,000 more Democrats registered than Republicans.)  The modest Republican advantage in Colorado appears to have disappeared during the last decade. Both parties must now fight for weak partisan and independent voters.

  • More women voted than men – 625,000 (53%) to 561,000 (47%) (data rounded to nearest thousand)
  • Voters 40 years old and younger – mostly Millennials, represented 20 percent of the electorate and older voters (61 and above) 44 percent.
  • Denver, with the most registered voters in the state (403,000), came in second (144,000 votes cast) behind El Paso County (155,000) in votes cast.

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