Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mayor Hancock’s Re-election Prospects – Denver Post, Jon Murray Interview

In a long Denver Post article (12-12-17), Jon Murray outlines the challenges to Mayor Michael Hancock’s third and final election for Denver mayor. The odds remain in favor that Denver’s strong major form of government will reward Hancock with his third term. Usually, guiding major revenue elections is one of the best indicators of a mayor’s strength, and Hancock just guided a successful $937 million bond election.

But, there are three factors that create a challenge for Hancock’s re-election:
  • An anti-establishment attitude that is affecting most American politics, including Denver. In 2015, it helped propel a new Denver auditor and several council people.
  • New residents and a Millennial generation have little loyalty to incumbents, memory of their accomplishments and the way things are usually done.
  • Continued political stress about growth and development. As I told Murray: “Ciruli’s advice to Hancock: ‘You should spend the next 18 months with laser-like focus on the public anxiety regarding growth.’”

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