Thursday, June 15, 2017

Race for Colorado Governor Has Just Gotten More Crowded – KOA

Two congressmen decided to get out of Washington. Former lone frontrunner, Ed Perlmutter, must now share that position with Jared Polis. An interview with KOA anchors April Zesbaugh and Steffan Tubbs described the new race for governor.

The race will be unique:
  1. Although Democrats have a slight advantage, the governor’s race should be competitive.
  2. Both parties will have hard-fought primaries. This is a new experience for Democrats.
  3. $20 million could be spent in the primary by both parties. Jared Polis will spend whatever it takes to win. Several Republicans can raise more than $1 million for the race.
  4. The new rules on participation in party primaries could introduce new strategies to motivate independent voters. The primary is June 26, 2018, one year out.
  5. Social and digital media is becoming more important in campaigns. Which candidates can master it will create a new advantage.
Also in the race is former State Senator Mike Johnston (raised $625,000 already), former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy and Denver businessman Noel Ginsburg.

Republicans, who have had many winning campaigns for state attorney general, treasurer and secretary of state, believe 2018 is a year they can win the governorship. They have at least four candidates who should be able to raise significant contributions. George Brauchler, DA and prosecutor of the Aurora theatre shooter; Walter Stapleton, State Treasurer; Victor Mitchell, businessman; and Doug Robinson, nephew of Mitt Romney.

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