Thursday, June 15, 2017

Polis – He Changes the Race – 9KUSA Interview with Brandon Rittiman

In entering the crowded field, Jared Polis, five-term congressmen from Boulder, changes the race for governor. The race had already started with announcements from four other candidates, including 7th District Congressman Ed Perlmutter. But Polis will speed up campaign activity even more. He will make it:
Rep. Jared Polis | AP Photo
  • More competitive
  • More visible
  • More expensive
Polis is:
  • High-profile
  • Seen as a liberal, environmental activist
  • But also independent with some libertarian views
  • Has an anti-establishment track record
  • Social, digital media expert
  • And, most important, rich
If he needs to spend millions he will. Whatever it takes has been his approach.
  • $1 million for seat on state education board (2000)
  • Millions for gang of four effort to jump-start Colorado Democratic Party (2003-07)
  • Bankrolled Amendment 41, so-called ethics in government amendment (2006)
  • $7 million ($6 million from him) for Democratic primary for Congress (2008)
  • $1 million plus for anti-fracking ballot initiative (2014)
The Democratic primary will now move to the left, get more active and require more fundraising. Polis’ major challenge will be to convince pragmatic Democrats that he can win a general election.

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