Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hickenlooper Still on Apology Tour

It may be getting late in the election season for apologies for mistakes in the 2013 legislative session.
Democratic legislators are fiercely supportive of the substance of their new laws on gun control, civil unions, illegal immigrant tuition and rural renewable quotas. But, they would like to forget the blowback of recalls, resignations, secession and massive election defeats ($1 billion in new taxes). So they would appreciate if Governor Hickenlooper, always anxious to be liked or at least forgiven, would stop apologizing.

As one liberal blog pointed out (, Republican sheriffs are unlikely to warm up to him and certainly won’t vote for him. Hickenlooper is just giving Republican candidates for governor a chance to remind their voters what they disliked about the 2013 session and Hickenlooper’s role in it.

9News: Governor apologizes to Colorado’s sheriffs
Denver Post: Gov. Hickenlooper’s attempt to charm Coloradosheriffs backfires

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