Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Bad News for Udall

After a weak 2014 campaign start (see The Buzz: Udall’s Rocky Start – Feb. 5), Mark Udall received more bad news in the latest Quinnipiac poll. In Colorado and Washington D.C., news and online commentary places Udall’s vulnerability in the headlines.

Associated Press: Udall in tight re-election race according to new poll
Denver Post: Poll: Republican Ken Buck nearly even with Sen. Mark Udall
The Hill: Poll gives Udall reason to worry

Although Udall hasn’t done anything especially controversial or even notable in 2013, he is being weighed down by a Democratic president with very negative Colorado approval and the poor implementation of legislation he supported – the Affordable Care Act.

Udall’s single-digit leads over Ken Buck (3 points), Amy Stephens (2 points), Owen Hill (5 points) and Randy Baumgardner (2 points) show that no Republican candidate has an advantage. The race, as of the first of February, is simply a Democratic incumbent against the Republican field and it is within the margin of error (±3 percentage points).

It is still not clear that Republicans can translate Udall’s weakness to a viable alternative candidate. Incumbency and a $5 million war chest is a significant advantage. And, expect his colleague, Sen. Michael Bennet, to head up an all-out technological effort to hold the Senate for the Democrats, including Mr. Udall’s seat.

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