Thursday, January 17, 2013

Immigration Reform Now has Momentum

Who says elections don’t make a difference? Immigration reform from college tuition to deportation to a path to citizenship has shifted from defensive and risky positions prior to Nov. 6 to top priorities with expansive approaches today.
  • Majority Leader Harry Reid announces immigration is his top priority and a path to citizenship (i.e., able to vote) will be a part of the package.
  • Republican Senator Marco Rubio is trying to help his party catch up and shift from defensive to offensive.  Not easily given the Democrats see an advantage in advocating very aggressive positions.
  • Colorado Democrats propose college tuition aid for undocumented students that is far more generous than a year ago when they were looking for compromise.
Much of the newfound activity is a reflection of the power Hispanics and young voters demonstrated in the presidential election. But, the exit poll itself affirmed that voters were looking for a position of allowing immigrants to apply for legal status.  Republicans; i.e., Romney voters, took the opposite position and opted for deportation.

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