Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy’s Impact Significant, But Uncertain

Hurricane Sandy definitely affected the presidential election, but who it’s helping or hurting is uncertain.

Turnout:  The storm delayed and discouraged some voting in eastern states.  It’s not clear which candidate will be most affected.  There are concentrations of Republicans in Virginia that could be discouraged and Democrats in Philadelphia.

Both campaigns have powerful turnout machines that will no doubt be back in operation by the weekend – and, of course, they are working non-stop outside the northeast.

Topics:  Sandy now dominates conversation and the news.  Romney would prefer to talk about the economy, but he is doing rallies dedicated to raising funds for victims and offering comfort. Both candidates have dropped the attacks in their stump speeches, but the ads continue.

Schedules:  The schedules of both campaigns have been diverted. Coastal visits were moved to the Midwest and the President is staying in the East.

Bill Clinton represented the President in Colorado, which may be a win for Obama.  Clinton is a new face, the most popular Democrat in the country and is less polarizing than the President.

President:  In general, there is a rally affect in support of political executives in crises.  The storm allows the President to be presidential by directing relief efforts, offering aid and afterwards thanking brave first responders.

He’s able to be bi-partisan and work with Republican governors and mayors coordinating aid.  Republican Governor Chris Christie praised the President and toured damaged areas in New Jersey with him.

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