Thursday, September 23, 2010

Resume Padding Costs Maes’ Republican Support

Rasmussen’s September 12 automated poll shows the first shift in position among Colorado gubernatorial candidates since the August 10 primary.  After more than two weeks of controversy over resume padding, Republican nominee Dan Maes has fallen into third place behind third party candidate Tom Tancredo, who gained several important Republican endorsements in recent days.  Of course, the two conservatives split the Republican vote and continue to lose to Mayor John Hickenlooper by 21 percentage points.

Maes has lost 10 points since the primary.  Tancredo gained seven and Hickenlooper three.  Given the short time left before early voting starts and the predominance in financing by Hickenlooper, the race is effectively over and Hickenlooper is the presumptive governor.  Maes’ damaged reputation may indeed leave him in a weak third place on Election Day.

(Also see Washington Times article)

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