Friday, June 20, 2014

Republican Primary Final Days

Unless there is a late flurry of voting to match the late step-up in media advertising, projections of about 400,000 Republican primary voters may be high as only 240,000 ballots have been turned in by Thursday.

In the final days of news watching (print and online), Tom Tancredo is on the defense over drugs. Scott Gessler has disappeared and Mike Kopp, due to Bill Armstrong, appears to have some momentum. Bob Beauprez is holding his position. Going into the final stretch, it still appears to be a race between Beauprez and Tancredo.

Colorado’s ten largest counties will produce the bulk of the vote for the Republican governor nominee (Mesa will slip ahead of Pueblo). They represent 75 percent of the Republican vote, with El Paso, Jefferson and Arapahoe counties accounting for half of it.

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