Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One Month Out Tancredo is Still the Man to Beat

Nationally, the Republican establishment has continued the threat the Tea Party would nominate candidates incapable of winning Senate seats. But if money equals votes, Tom Tancredo, the least electable Colorado candidate, is the frontrunner in the Republican gubernatorial primary June 24. The latest fundraising numbers show him with the most cash on hand at $98,000. Also, the most recent poll showed Tancredo had the highest name identification among 400,000 or so Republican voters who are likely to turn out (about a quarter of the party).

Unfortunately for the Republicans, the incumbent Democrat raised more than their entire field.
Bob Beauprez and Scott Gessler appear to be in a close contest for the second position, but will divide the anti-Tancredo vote between themselves and Mike Kopp, who is in an underfinanced fourth place.

Will Beauprez’s top Republican endorsements – Mitt Romney and Rick Perry – lift him above the crowd the final month? Gessler appears worried. He has started an attack on Beauprez’s electability.

Tancredo’s smiling.

See Denver Post: Secretary of State Scott Gessler bests other three GOP rivals in latest fundraising

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