Monday, January 13, 2014

Obama’s Foreign Policy in Trouble

After proclaiming a new foreign policy strategy aimed at restoring America’s influence and prestige abroad, Barack Obama must contend with a public that believes America is less respected and less important.

In a December Pew Research poll conducted with the Council of Foreign Relations, more than half (53%) of Americans believe the U.S. is “less important and powerful… today…than 10 years ago.” The public sense of a decline is a record and exceeds the level in 2009 (41% America’s less powerful and important) as President Bush left office and Obama began his term.

Also, seven out of ten Americans believe the U.S. is less respected than in the past, which matches the public’s worst view of America’s image during Bush’s second term (71% May 2008).

When asked if they approve the President’s foreign affairs job performance, he still gets positive ratings on fighting terrorism (51% approve to 44%), but on dealing with Syria (30%), Afghanistan (34%) and Iran (37%) his job approval is in negative territory.

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