Monday, November 20, 2023

Third Congressional Race in Reshuffle

Map of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District

The election landscape in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district is in a major reshuffle.

Lauren Boebert has begun an apology tour since the “Beetlejuice” incident but the damage simply highlights her already fringe lifestyle and viewpoints. She only hung on in 2020 by 546 votes, the closest race in the nation.

The state’s Republican establishment want her gone and are backing attorney Jeff Hurd of Grand Junction with a plethora of endorsements and $500,000 in early donations. Initially, he was seen as positioning himself as the nominee in 2026 after her likely loss in 2024. But could he beat her in the primary?

However, Democrats are not without internal controversy in the race. Democratic frontrunner Adam Frisch, who almost beat her and has already raised $4 million in donations, including millions online from national donors, now faces a primary opponent also from Grand Junction, the largest and very Republican county in the district. Town mayor Anne Stout announced and has attracted some high-powered consultants and Democratic liberal and women’s donor groups. Stout will likely divert money and attention to a primary and could pull Frisch to the left, making him more vulnerable in the general elections against Boebert or Hurd.

A lot to watch in the 3rd Congressional District.

Third Congressional District Table
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Anonymous said...

Growing up in the Colorado’s Third Congressional District (1966-77), it seemed that the most successful GOP approach was taken with socially moderate, pro business, pro natural resource development, pragmatic Republicans like John Vanderhoof, Mike Strang, and Tillie Bishop. Is, in your analysis, Lauren Boebert a sign of fundamental change or a fluke?