Monday, October 9, 2023

Water Districts Concerned About Proposition HH

Jared Polis with Joe Lloyd MedinaGov. Jared Polis May 24, 2023 | Photo by Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post

Jerd Smith reported in Fresh Water News that the state’s water districts are concerned about the possible impact of Proposition HH on their property tax revenue base.

The complex proposition is on the November ballot and campaigns for and against are just starting. Polling has indicated it could go either way depending on the persuasive influence of the protagonists.

Smith quoted me, writing "political pollster Floyd Ciruli said it’s not clear how the ballot measure will fare Nov. 7. But he said it likely faces an uphill battle to win approval."

"'It got off to a bad start in the legislature because there wasn’t a clear consensus on what to do,' he said. 'Proponents are going to need a really good campaign. This is complicated.'"

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Dave Barnes said...

I am against HH becausse it is too complicated.