Thursday, May 26, 2022

U.S. and Japan Diplomacy Program: Webinars Posted

The Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research’s Discussions in Diplomacy webinar series on the tensions and challenges in the Indo-Pacific is now available for viewing online. The three March webinars, a joint program with the Consulate-General of Japan in Denver, brought together eight professors from Japan and the Korbel School. The program was highly impacted by the Beijing Winter Olympics accord between Russia and China and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

“Japan and U.S. Relations in Light of New Administrations and Challenges in the Indo-Pacific.” What adjustments can be expected in the U.S. and Japan alliance in light of the China-Russia accord and the invasion of Ukraine? Participants: Prof. Akiko Fukushima, Senior Fellow Tsuneo Watanabe, Prof. Suisheng Zhao and Prof. Floyd Ciruli (moderator). March 10, 2022

“U.S., Japan and South Korea’s Roles in Maintaining a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.” Will new governments in Japan and South Korea be able to work together on national security in the region? Participants: Senior Advisor Nobukatsu Kanehara, Prof. Junya Nishino, Amb. Christopher Hill and Prof. Floyd Ciruli (moderator). March 16, 2022

“Position of Taiwan in U.S., Japan and China Relations.” How has the invasion of Ukraine changed the concept of how to deter China in its bid for Taiwan? Participants: Prof. Koji Murata, Prof. Suisheng Zhao and Prof. Floyd Ciruli. March 23, 2022


Also, Professor Floyd Ciruli presented a PowerPoint with commentary describing the major issues that represented the geopolitical backdrop for our 2022 program. 

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