Friday, January 7, 2022

Denver Loves Its Libraries

Denver voters and civic leaders love their libraries. They have invested millions since the 1990s to create one of the largest and most used systems between Chicago and Los Angeles.

DPL Central Library

Ciruli Associates, working with the city’s head librarian Rick Ashton and the Denver Public Library’s (DPL) team of managers, appointed directors, volunteers and donors, directed the campaign. The effort began in the late 1980s and culminated in a successful election in 1990. Denver voters approved a $91 million new central library by 75 percent.

It was completed in 1996. Michael Graves, a leading postmodern designer and architect, incorporated the building from the 1950s by local architect Burnham Hoyt into a new structure that has a unique exterior design and a functional and beautiful interior.

DPL Branch Libraries

But that was just the beginning of supporting the library system. In 2007, a $56 million bond was approved by voters during the Hickenlooper administration and Head Librarian Shirley Amore. The Library’s money went to upgrading its extensive branch system. Ciruli Associates provided research for the overall $550 million citywide infrastructure bond and managed the Library’s campaign. Since then, the DPL has been part of several subsequent bonds and revenue approvals by voters, including one in November 2021.

Ciruli Associates and Libraries

Working with DPL managers and supporters has been one of Ciruli Associates’ most satisfying efforts. The Library is a legacy project that contributes to Denver being a very special city.

DPL Central Library | Photo: City and County of Denver

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