Thursday, December 10, 2020

Election Central – Colorado: Blue or Not? – Dec. 15

Is Colorado Still Competitive? Will 2022 Produce a Backlash?

Join Colorado’s election experts for the last of the Election Central programs to examine what happens next in Colorado.

Is Colorado still a politically competitive state?

  • Will 2022 be a backlash year that Republicans can stage a comeback?
  • How did nine of the eleven 2020 ballot issues pass?
  • Does the new congressional seat change the political landscape?

Professor Floyd Ciruli and the panel will analyze the future of the two parties and the next series of elections.

  • Dick Wadhams – former Republican Chair, consultant, CBS4 commentator and Denver Post columnist
  • Steve Welchert – Veteran consultant to Democratic campaigns and local and statewide ballot issues, political commentator and analyst


3:00 PM MT

December 15, 2020



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