Friday, July 24, 2020

Cook, Sabato and Gonzales/Rothenberg Have Biden Near or Above 270 Electoral Votes

Kellyanne Conway | Photo: CNN
Last week, the country’s three main election predictors looked at state-level polling data and other intelligence and shifted their Electoral Vote projections to a range between 268 to 319 for Joe Biden (See: Biden Advantage in Electoral Vote; Handful of States Will Decide). Donald Trump and his campaign can attempt various denial strategies, but Republican officeholders, professional operatives and donors know it’s true. So does Trump, which is why Kellyanne Conway and her advice has reemerged and is dominating the messaging.

Cook just adjusted his ratings from earlier in the year reflecting the now six-week collapse in Trump’s polling. He remains the most cautious on his projection of Democratic Electoral Votes (268).

Masks and coronavirus briefings with Trump reading prepared remarks for the suburban women and wavering independents, troops to Democratic cities for the base from a crises presidency that knows few boundaries, expect the unprecedented between now and November.

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