Thursday, May 30, 2019

Denver Votes Trickling In; Hancock Vulnerable by Late Stumble

If Jamie Giellis derailed the beginning of her campaign with the NAACP memory lapse, Michael Hancock is even more damaged by his late clumsy effort to reframe his sexual harassment controversy in a final debate one week out before Election Day.

Hancock is especially vulnerable in that only 45,000 votes were counted and recorded by the Denver Clerk and Recorder as of Wednesday, May 29. That’s only a quarter of the 185,000 voters that showed up in the May 7 election.

A lot of people are just now making up their minds in an election that most observers believe remains competitive.

Denver Post: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Jamie Giellis swing elbows in debate
The Buzz: Record Denver turnout shows up on last day

Mayor Michael Hancock (L) and Jamie Giellis during a Denver Post mayoral debate
at the Denver Press Club, May 28, 2019 | Photo: Daniel Petty/Denver Press Club


Dave Barnes said...

I fail to understand why people don't vote.
It is so easy.

Nancy Cronk said...

I ended up voting for Michael Hancock for Mayor. Not because he deserved my vote (his treatment of Detective Branch-Wise makes him gutter-slime in my book), but I was choosing between the lesser of two bad options. Not voting is never an option for me. Jamie Giellis simply isn't culturally competent enough for the job, and that is very important to the resume of a potential Mayor of a big city. One thing Mayor Hancock has done correctly was to hire a number of highly competent, effective people in his administration; they do not deserve to be removed from their jobs because the Mayor is guilty of sexual harrassment. I hope the Mayor, if re-elected, never forgets how fortunate he is to have a staff that has the integrity he sometimes lacks. Let's hope the next Denver election has better options for us all.