Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dates Selected for First Democratic Debate. Will Hickenlooper Make it?

John Hickenlooper (L) with Michael Davis speaks to survivors of
victims of mass shootings on April 16, 2019. Michael Davis lost
his daughter, Claire,  in a mass  shooting at Arapahoe High
School in December 2013 | David Zalubowski 
In about 10 weeks, the Democrats host their first debate (June 26-27, 2019). There are 18 announced candidates, and a dozen are raising money and have some awareness, if slight, among the Democratic electorate. Those are the two criteria to get onto the debate stage.

Debate entrance criteria:
  • 1% in three credible national polls
  • 65,000 online donors (minimum of 200 donors in 20 states)
John Hickenlooper has hit one percent in the national polls (not consistently), but his fundraising is lagging behind the top candidates. He raised $2 million in the first quarter, with only modest amounts of it from online contributors. He might argue that it at least puts him in the top eight, even if at the bottom.

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Dave Barnes said...

"Will Hickenlooper Make it?"
Hopefully not.
Then he can concentrate on doing someting useful.