Thursday, October 5, 2017

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I have been asked to join Colorado Politics, the state’s top political website, to provide regular analyses of state and national politics. My first article criticizes Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened.” I suggest Democrats would be better served for 2018 and 2020 examining why voters were so desperate for change that millions of them voted for someone they considered unfit for office.

The website, a creation of the Colorado Springs Gazette, incorporated the old respected Colorado Statesman into its platform. Top political writes, such as Joey Bunch and Dan Njegomir, guide the publication.

“What Happened”? Clinton’s book asks the wrong question 

Hillary Clinton will bring her book tour to Denver on December 11th. Tickets have already sold out. Unfortunately for her fans, Clinton’s long explanation of the 2016 election loss is focused on the wrong moment and wrong place to either identify the fundamental reasons she lost or to do much good for the Democratic Party’s need to re-position for 2020.

The question is not what happened in the last few days with Mr. Comey’s inexplicable poor judgement or the final 77,000 votes she lost by in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Rather, the question is how did Donald Trump collect 63 million votes after a majority of the public said he was unfit for office? How was she crushed in Ohio and Iowa, and how did she lose North Carolina and Florida – all states that Barack Obama and Democrats had won? “Change” has been judged the main force driving the Trump vote. The key to understanding the election, especially for Democrats, is to understand “change from what?”

Hillary Clinton | Andrew Kelly/Reuters

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