Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canada Elects Hope and Change

In a turn to the left, Canadian voters handed a landslide to a legacy candidate, Justin Trudeau. Late polls showed a Liberal Party win, but the final result was well outside the expected margin (17% possible to 34% result). His party received an absolute majority of 184 seats in a parliament that needs 170 to control.

Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father, served as prime minister for 15 years from 1968 (the Nixon election) to 1984 (the Reagan re-election), with one short break. Justin delivered his father’s eulogy in 2000 and started the talk of his possible career in politics.

Justin Trudeau
Photo: Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press
On election night, Trudeau announced Liberals had beaten fear with hope, and 70 percent of Canadians had told pollsters they wanted change.

Justin’s Liberal Agenda
  • Legalize marijuana (use Colorado’s model)
  • Raise taxes on the 1%, lower on middle class
  • Climate change policy in 90 days after Paris summit
  • Funds and rights for indigenous people
Canadian campaigns are brief, but intense – a little over two months (78 days) with five debates. Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, saw the difficult re-election slip away at the end as the forces of change and liberalism consolidated behind the Liberal Party and Trudeau.

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Dave Barnes said...

"Canadian campaigns are brief, but intense"
USA campaigns are continuous and vitriolic.
Ours sound more interesting.