Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Have the Anti-Frackers Made a Fatal Error?

The anti-frackers believe they have a brilliant political strategy – use Denver’s city election as a vehicle to revive their mostly moribund movement.

The reaction from Denver’s civic, political and media establishments has been swift. As the Denver Post put it, these mostly out-of-state (and Boulder based) groups want to ban fracking, of which there’s none in Denver, except at the airport. And that produces $7 million for the City of Denver’ revenue.

The anti-frackers were tossed off the ballot last fall and have been trying to find a new platform for their anti-hydrocarbon campaign. Governor Hickenlooper’s task force is insufficient for their ambitions. They assume that the Denver City election is an easy channel for publicity, motivation and fundraising. But, the Denver mayor and the councilman from the airport area with the only fracking offered no support. And the business community has stayed organized from last fall’s campaign and is ready to fight.

If the anti-frackers lose in Denver, their credibility takes another blow and they will reinforce the perception that they are not a serious political force in Colorado.

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