Friday, March 19, 2010

Conservatives Do Well in Republican Caucus

In precinct caucus results with national implications, Ken Buck, Weld County district attorney, tied frontrunner former Lt. Gov. Jane Norton.
“Analysts including Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli said Buck’s strong showing signals that the vocal group of conservative activists could affect Republican elections.
‘The question has been how big is that group and whether they can make a difference,’ Ciruli said Tuesday. ‘Tonight is the first count.’
He cautioned that precinct caucuses are a microcosm of the most dedicated party members, and that the Buck campaign must still demonstrate is has the money to reach hundreds of thousands of primary voters.”
 Denver Post, 3-17-10
Although former Congressman Scott McInnis won a solid majority of caucus goers, conservative activists Dan Mares did manage to get above the 30 percent threshold for ballot access. Unless conservative attendees switch before the spring convention, McInnis will have a primary.

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