Thursday, January 8, 2009

Breaking News

Friday, January 2, was supposed to be a nice quiet day before the last holiday weekend. But Gov. Ritter’s pending U.S. Senate appointment started the day at 7:05 am with a KOA interview that focused on John Hickenlooper and Ed Perlmutter as candidates. Later that morning, as I walked into Cherry Creek’s Peet’s Coffee House, KOA’s Jerry Bell called back and said the surprise announcement of Michael Bennet, Denver Superintendent of Schools, was now posted on the Rocky Mountain News website. I taped my first interview on Bennet – “surprising, interesting and risky.” Steve Paulson of the Associated Press immediately called and then posted his story. Then, Tim Hoover of the Denver Post, working on a Ritter Sunday mid-term analysis, called since the announcement put a new storyline into play. The political website Politico put it on their national website. I called Channel 9 to update them and did a live shot on the noon news and tapes for 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. While at Channel 9, NPR and Colorado Public Radio taped interviews, along with national AP radio.

At 3:20 pm I discussed the selection on the Caplin and Silverman talk show. Bob Beauprez was sitting in. Later in the afternoon, the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times did interviews. Finally, the day closed discussing the selection with M.E. Springelmeyer of the Rocky Mountain News, who first broke the story.

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