Thursday, July 23, 2015

Biden for President Only if Clinton Catches on Fire

Joe Biden will not be President unless Hillary Clinton has a near fatal accident, political or otherwise.
VP Joe Biden

In Brandon’s tweet: “In case Hillary Clinton catches fire, break glass and remove Joe Biden.” 9KUSA Brandon Rittiman covered the Biden Colorado visit Tuesday and his question is why has Biden not endorsed Clinton?
  • Vice presidents are typically first in line to succeed their presidents. After several unsuccessful tries, he still wants to be president. Biden had the poor fortune to be serving during the final moment of the Clinton era. Hillary Clinton’s razor thin loss to Barack Obama in 2008 gave her preferred spot for 2016, if she wanted it. Was there any doubt after she took the Secretary of State position that her ambition continued? Biden, due to his failed presidential attempts, age – he’d be 74 taking office – and history of gaffs, was quickly relegated to an also-ran positon.
  • If he tried to run, how would Biden distinguish himself from Clinton? They both worked for Obama and are moderate liberal Democrat. He has no ideological base in the left (Elizabeth Warren) of the party or the populist right (Jim Webb). And, although he’s genuine and charming, a charismatic personality he’s not. 
  • Although Biden was pushed aside, he polled in weak second place behind Clinton in the early polls as the party’s most logical, if unenthusiastic, choice. Biden’s only hope was Clinton stumbling in the early going. And while her campaign is hardly soaring, the alternatives (Sanders, O’Malley) are not really threatening as they look unready for a general election or for the White House.
  • The Democratic Party may have a far left, but its main motivation is holding the presidency since they are in a weak second place position in Congress and in the states. The Party has made its bet and it’s Clinton. Sorry Joe.
9KUSA: In Denver, Biden still noncommittal on 2016

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