Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tancredo Wins Republican Primary?

Some people are complaining Tom Tancredo already thinks he’s the Republican nominee challenging Governor Hickenlooper to a debate on his billion dollar school tax increase.

But, if there are five or more Republican candidates for governor, Tancredo is very likely to be the nominee (the current count is 7 considering the race). That is how he became congressman in 1998. He eked out a 3-point victory in a field of five Republican candidates.

In the last poll to measure Republicans interested in the governor’s race, Tancredo won a favorability contest mostly due to name identification and his core conservative support.

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Educated1 said...

My friends, wife and I agree after numerous discussions that Hickenlooper will lose the race. We need a qualified Governor which is anyone but Hickenlooper.