Friday, June 21, 2013

Udall in Trouble?

Although Mark Udall as an incumbent senator seeking re-election can expect a moody electorate, the latest Quinnipiac poll shows his biggest challenge is the quarter of the electorate who can’t rate his performance. Compared to Governor John Hickenlooper or President Barack Obama, Udall is not in terrible position.
Udall only has 31 percent disapproval verses the Governor with 43 percent and Obama with 54 percent. Udall, in fact, is receiving 27 percent of Republican approval and winning independents’ approval 45 percent to 32 percent. Hickenlooper only has 19 percent of Republican support and is losing independents 44 percent to 47 percent.
It appears, however, Udall has lost ground. A PPP April survey had Udall with a 17 percent approval to disapproval spread, registering 50 percent approval to 33 percent disapproval. Hence, the latest poll reflects about a five point decline, some of which may be margin of error.

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