Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2014 – Criminal Justice Works for Republicans

Could criminal justice be a comeback issue for Republicans in 2014? There are already three candidates talking about running for the Colorado Attorney General seat.  Of course, the seat is open and, hence, no incumbent, such as Governor Hickenlooper or Senator Udall, has to be confronted.  But, there is also a sense that crime and the state’s criminal justice system is becoming an issue and that a law and order approach might fit.

The clearly broken parole system is literally killing people. And, Hickenlooper’s sudden and poorly explained derailing of the death penalty provides two above-the-fold issues for Republican candidates.

In fact, if the Republicans find a credible candidate for governor, crime is likely to be a top issue in that race. It moves prosecutors (like Buck or Suthers) up the list.

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