Friday, September 14, 2012

Coloradans Don’t Favor More Gun Laws or Machine Pistols

Both national and recent Colorado polls don’t provide much support for more gun regulations, but a majority of voters support specific proposals related to reducing access to certain types of weapons, armor and ammunition.

The August New York Times/CBS/Quinnipiac poll reported only 38 percent of Colorado voters favored more strict laws.

To some extent, the lack of reaction to the Aurora and other shootings reflects voters’ skepticism that stricter laws would “prevent these types of violent acts...”

However, when voters are asked about specific proposals, a majority of Colorado voters tend to offer support:
  • 58% support nationwide ban on sale of high-capacity magazines that hold many rounds of ammunition (NYT/CBS/Quinnipiac, 8-8-12)
  • 58% support federal ban on the ownership of assault weapons (PPP, 8-9-12)

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