Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Colorado Caucus – A Republican Football

The controversy surrounding the Republican caucus will go all the way to the convention. Donald
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
Trump, who has used the Colorado procedures as a useful distraction in his continuing losses of delegates in final selections and as a part of his effective anti-establishment rhetoric in the New York primary, now promises to fight Colorado’s result – a sweep for Ted Cruz – at the Republican convention in July.

Fights in the credentials committees of national conventions over the sitting of delegations takes place even in calmer years, but this promises to be a very interesting fight that could go to convention whether or not Trump gets the 1,237 majority he needs to avoid a second ballot.

Unfortunately for the Republican National Chairman, opinion among Republican voters is not inclined to offer much maneuver room.

The results of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of Republican primary voters are:
  • Republican voters believe the results of participation in the primary events should decide the nomination, not the delegates on the convention floor.
  • 71% say convention can’t select someone outside the ranks of candidates who ran (no White Knight; i.e., Tim Ryan)
  • 62% say give nomination to candidate who got most votes in primaries; 54% say if Trump ahead, give it to him.
  • 45% if denied, Trump should run as independent; 47% that’s unacceptable (WSJ/NBC News, 301 Republican primary voters).

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Not football.
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