Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Democrats’ First Debate Generates Controversy

The Democrats’ late and limited debate schedule, which was challenged by Martin O’Malley and
Martin O'Malley
Bernie Sanders when it was announced, was slammed again by O’Malley at the recent Democratic National Committee summer meeting. He made national news as he took on the Democratic establishment, especially controversial National Committee Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, on their home turf. He accused them of rigging the process for Hillary Clinton.

In what was going to be a love fest with the establishment favorite and still frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, the meeting turned into a tense confrontation between O’Malley, Schultz and party bosses.

The October 13 CNN debate will be held in Las Vegas, and the small Democratic field (compared to the Republicans) highlights that space won’t limit participants, only the CNN decision rule.

Democratic polls are starting to move in Iowa and New Hampshire to the benefit of Sanders. But, Clinton still commands the national electorate. The following chart will be updated as the CNN debate gets closer.

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