Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why the President’s Sequester Strategy Failed to Lift Off

President Obama has failed to capture the attention of the American people with the sequester campaign and roadshow.

For five years, Americans have dealt with furloughs. In Denver, it began as revenue dropped mid-decade. The City and County of Denver just ended its city furloughs with a new tax. So, when President Obama and the administration express panicked concern about federal furloughs, there was a collective yawn.

Washington D.C. and its environs do not engender much sympathy. While it may be hit by furloughs and even layoffs, it has also benefitted greatly from the growth of government.

Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia dominate the top states with government workers.  D.C. was also the fourth fastest growing job market in 2012 and, most importantly, among the richest in per capita income. Maryland was first, D.C. fifth and Virginia seventh in income.

See Gallup:  As sequestration starts, Americans unsure of consequences

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