Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Are the 2014 Congressional Elections Being Decided This Week?

Both parties are fighting to represent their base, but also appeal to swing voters in the sequester battle. President Obama and Democrats, as they have since the November 2012 election, appear ahead in the blame game (blame Obama – 31%, blame Republicans – 49%, Pew 2013).
Clearly, the President and Democrats believe it’s possible, adopting a “permanent campaign” technique and working issues, like the sequester, to frame the Republicans as obstinate and indifferent to U.S. security or uncaring for citizens’ safety (first responders) or convenience (TSA employees).
And one might expect congressional Republicans with a 25 percent approval rating to be swept from office. But, Democrats need 18 seats to take power, and, as the President’s last midterm election, 2014 should be a historically difficult election. Democrats only won 8 seats in 2012 and failed to win back the house with a popular president leading a powerful and well-financed national campaign.
Is the sequester another successful step in the Democrats’ strategy to win the House or is this just another gridlock story for a voting population that has tuned out the latest “manufactured crisis”?

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