Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republicans Still Ahead in Voter Registration

Numerous voter surveys show Barack Obama leading in Colorado, but in base voter registration, Republicans remain ahead of Democrats by over 100,000 voters, as they have been since the Republican statewide wins in 2010.

The chart compares the 2008 and August 2012 voter registrations.

In 2008, the final November registration showed Republicans ahead by a mere 10,000 voters. Democrats carried the state for Obama by 9 points and won most other offices handily.  But, 2010 was a different year.  The Republican registration edge ended up 62,000, as they picked up statewide constitutional offices, two congress seats and the State House.

Democrats have been trying to catch up, but even when inactive registered voters are counted (voters who did not participate in the 2010 election and haven’t reactivated their status), Democrats are behind by 31,000 voters.

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