Monday, August 27, 2012

Marijuana Has Money, But Less Than Half the Voters

Polling on Proposition 64, the so-called initiative to “regulate marijuana like alcohol,” shows 47 percent voter support in an early August robo poll from PPP.  A June Rasmussen poll reported 61 percent support.
In a California Field poll earlier this year, only 46 percent of California voters supported legalizing recreational marijuana.  A legalization initiative was defeated in California in 2010.  A recreational proposal was defeated in Colorado six years after medical marijuana was approved (Proposition 20 passed by 54% in 2000).
A key advantage is the amount of money the pro-marijuana force has, most of it out-of-state.  More than a million dollars was spent getting it on the ballot and reportedly several hundreds of thousands of dollars of TV advertising time for the fall has been purchased.
The Colorado Democratic Party and the NAACP have announced support.

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