Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two Colorado Congressional Districts in Play

With the weekend announcement of Senate President Brandon Shaffer that he intends on challenging first term Republican Congressman Cory Gardner in the 4th District, Colorado Democrats now have filled out their card to take back the two seats lost in 2010.

House Minority Leader Sal Pace has already begun campaigning against first termer Scott Tipton in the Western Slope and southern Colorado based 3rd District.

Both the 3rd and 4th districts are marginally Republican.  Hence, the redistricting map, not due until the end of the year, will be critical.  Although congressional candidates can move into a district, in the case of Pace and Schaeffer, they would need Pueblo and Longmont in the respective districts.

Considering the districts in their current configuration, Pace has a better chance than Shaffer, but the new lines will likely be dispositive.

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