Friday, June 13, 2014

Obama in Trouble?

In what must be the worst week since the Obamacare rollout last November, President Obama has been battered with the VA scandal, the Bergdahl prisoner exchange and now the fall of Mosul.

Beltway Democrats appear ready to bolt, only restrained by the realization that any signs of disarray between the President and congressional/interest group wings of the party will only heighten vulnerability and intensify problems in November.

Possibly the President’s best and only help is that about two-fifths of the public continue to approve his performance, a number that has held steady the last few weeks, and represents a slight improvement from the Katrina-like disaster of the 2013 ACA debacle.

If his approval starts to head down as President Bush’s did in 2006 (it hit 37% on Election Day), expect the party to panic.

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